Explore A World of

Fun and Wonder!


Explore a world of fun and wonder!
Come and find your inner explorer in our three zones.


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Junior Play Zone

Enter mysterious ancient worlds packed with climbs, slides and ball pits for budding explorers.

Ideal for 5 – 12 years old, with climbs, slides and ball pits for budding explorers. Containing racing slides, climb challenges, dodge ball shoot out, a rope bridge skywalk, spider web, interactive play, vertical rollers and bash bags.

Activities Include:

Double Helix Tube Slide. Start 4 metres high and twist fast through 540 degree before tumbling somewhere into the play area.

Racing Slide. Thrilling, fast and fun.

Step Climb. Rightsized climbing for juniors. 

Log Ramp Climb. Another challenging climb, with sloped access to a giant, foam clog.

Dizzy Disc Twister. Jump on and spin around the column.

Spider’s Web Crawl. Weave your way through without waking the spider.

V Rope Bridge Skywalk. For juniors with a head for heights.

Mouse Hole Climb. Burrow your way through the narrow tubes to get to the top.

Bash Bags. Bash your way through the hanging foam pillars.

Hanging Snakes. Scary but fun. Touch them if you dare.

Infinity Tunnel. A magical, sensory experience reflected in mirrors and multi-coloured LED lights.

Spinning Panel. Whatever next. Spinning panels and doorways will keep you guessing.

Pyra Squeeze Lower. Crawl, scramble and zig zag your way through from one pyramid to the other.

Roller Squeeze. Push through the coloured rollers without falling over.

Balance Beam. Tread carefully or run your way across to avoid another pit tumble.

Ball Pool. Simple. Just jump in and roll around.

Stepping Stones. Step, run or jump your way across without falling into the river.

Prism Maze Run. Zig zag your way through giant, foam prisms to get to the other side.

Arched Log Bridge Skywalk. Hop from log to log to get across the jungle.

Ball Cannon Range. Fire the cannon and hit the target for an explosion of light and sound.  

Ball cannon pop shot. Drop the ball in the barrel, push the button and watch the ball fly!

Magical Ball Boggler. Push the starter button, drop the balls on the juggler and watch them hover.

Cargo Climb. Scramble up the wobbly net to get to the top.

See-Through Floor Panels. Catch a bird’s eye view of the action below.

Lookout Points. Lean out, peer through and wave. Look how far you’ve come!

Bounce Activity Zone

Bounce, flip, twist and tumble through numerous challenges for intrepid explorers. Feeling more confident and ambitious? Dive platforms and stunt boxes will never disappoint.

Bounce is 5+ years to jump, tumble, duck, dive and spar through adventure worlds. With battle beam, foam pits, stunt boxes, log rolls, a dive tower, climb and slide features, agility parkour, interactive play wall and more.

Activities Include:

High 9 Challenge. Jump and punch your way to the top against the clock.

Battle Beam. Gladiators ready! Contenders ready! The ever-popular high-flying pugil stick duel.

Canadian Log Roll. Can you get across without falling into the torrent below?

Airbag and Dive Tower. Jump two metres into the welcoming arms of an inflatable airbag.

Traverse Wall Tower/Straight Tube Slide. Wall-to-wall fun for would-be rock climbers. And a swift exit down the slide for a soft landing.

Balance Agility. Stretch yourself on the multi-level balance beams. How many can you manage without falling off?

Interactive Ball Wall. Maths challenges, penalty shoot-outs, space invaders, and more.

Ninja zone

Extreme action inspired by Sky’s formidable Ninja Warrior challenge. Pyra climbs, bash bag runs, ropes and buoys, cargo runs, balance ropes, and more to test stamina, balance and strength in another place and time.

Agility parkour

The supreme speed and agility challenge for balance, core strength and motor skills. Serious fun and competition for older kids and teens needing to get from A to B the hard way, using tic tacs, kong vaults, gap jumps, and more.

Cyber Pyramid Tower

Clamber and scan your way up through ball mazes, spider webs, prism runs, rollers, cargo and mouse hole climbs. Make a quick exit down the spiral tube slide and check your score. Could you go faster?

Toddler and Baby Zones

All the fun and wonder of Exploria. Safely downsized.

Fun unlimited. Stepping stones, ball pools, skywalks, rope bridges, bash bags, prism maze, slippery slides, tunnels, tubes, ball cannons, ball jugglers. climbs and balance beams.

Activities Include:

Rockers. Pretend animal rides for fun and strength.

Tactile Game Panel. Lots to interest and challenge young minds and promote cognitive and fine motor development.

Agility Step, Block and Slide. The perfect mix of physical and fun play for tinies.

Square Jigsaw. Piece together a simple masterpiece.

Stepping Stones. Step, run or jump your way across without falling into the stream.

Lookout Points. Lean out, peer through and wave. Look how far you’ve come!

Arched Log Bridge Skywalk. Hop from one log to another and enjoy the jungle view.

Build an animal. Mix and match the blocks to build one of six animals. Or design a completely new species!

Wobbly Characters. Simply rock ‘n’ roll.

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